See the latest letter by Oluf Husted: "Captains: Exert your authority" in the renowned magazine Flight International

Deicing of aircraft wing is founded by captain Oluf Husted og reporter Tue Knudsen, because whistleblowers are a fundamental part of a healthy democracy. See here why this is, and find stories about the famous whistleblowers who proved the point in the menus above.

Read this to prepare yourself for the consequences, if you should decide to blow the whistle. You also have the opportunity to contact the founders of is also very much about flight safety. Learn more about the airline industry's strange - and dangerous - attitude towards ice in aircraft engines, about the captains dilemma when trying to keep his aircraft clear of ice, and about how the political scheme concerning an airport resulted in the worst collection of accidents and serious incidents in aviation history.


Whistleblowing in aviation

I June 2010 Nele Sienknecht turned in her bachelor at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. Thebachelor was entitled "SAS Skandal Airlines" and is a thesis on whistleblowing and reporting systems in the aviation industry. The thesis only exists in a German version sofar, and can be downloaded here.

Toxic airlines

As an airline passenger or crew member you risk exposure to a wide selection of toxic compounds. The airlines and the authorities don't want you to know, but we do:
Aerotoxic Assosiation
Toxic Airlines
Toxic Free Airlines


Our belief is this: That a a whistleblower is not only a safety valve but rather a fundamental part of a healthy democracy. Please read: What is a whistleblower?


Ice can be a problem in the jet engines of an aircraft, even in warm weather. Even pilots and others who should know can have a hard time understanding this. So Oluf Husted has tried to explain it so that even his grandmother would understand

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