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An important part of the reason for establishing is the effort to improve conditions and protection of whistleblowers. Another equally important reason is to provide counseling for you, if you either have been a whistleblower or are a prospective one.

On this website you can learn about other people’s experiences with whistleblowing, and about the consequences, it can lead to. However, whether you should blow the whistle or not, will always have to depend on an individual evaluation and – not least – an individual decision. Therefore the need can arise to discuss the situation confidentially with others in order to seek an answer to questions such as:

  • What can I expect from my employer?
  • How might my colleagues react?
  • What is my legal position if I leak confidential information from my place of emplyment?
  • Should I discuss the matter with my family in advance?
  • Is my case important enough to make the sacrifice?
  • How and to whom should I reveal the information?

The founders of this website are at your disposal with such confidential counseling. You may contact us at any time, both to learn about our own experiences with whistleblowing, and about our second hand experiences, which we have gained through numerous discussions and interviews with a wide variety of other whistleblowers.

To see our contact information click here.

Please also contact us if you wish to gain access to our new chat forum. The idea is to provide whistleblowers and future whistleblowers with the oppurtunity of debating with each other within fairly safe boundaries. Access to this forum requires a login and a password, which will only be given upon contact to and careful consideration by the founders og this website. This to ensure that only those, who have actual and valid issues are allowed access and will provide some protection from unwelcome visitors to this site.

Once again, we emphazise this: The contents of all contact with us remain strictly confidential. We wish to promote actual, anonymous reporting procedures for whistleblowers. As a whistleblower you should not be able to bother someone without due reason. Therefore, an eventual contact with us means that we take on the part of “the Devil’s advocate”. This means – amongst other things – that we interview you thoroughly about your motives for bringing forth your revalations and about your documentation for those revalations.

Yours truly
Oluf Husted & Tue Knudsen