Whistleblowers.dk is founded by captain Oluf Husted og reporter Tue Knudsen, because whistleblowers are a fundamental part of a healthy democracy. See here why this is, and find stories about the famous whistleblowers who proved the point in the menus above.

Read this to prepare yourself for the consequences, if you should decide to blow the whistle. You also have the opportunity to contact the founders of whistleblowers.dk.

Whistleblowers.dk is also very much about flight safety. Learn more about the airline industry's strange - and dangerous - attitude towards ice in aircraft engines, about the captains dilemma when trying to keep his aircraft clear of ice, and about how the political scheme concerning an airport resulted in the worst collection of accidents and serious incidents in aviation history.

See the latest letter by Oluf Husted: "Captains: Exert your authority" in the renowned magazine Flight Internationa